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What Clinicians Are Saying

“It’s a phenomenal tool that is setup in a very organized and easy to use way. I have patients that I never thought would be so interested in monitoring their blood pressure. And I see a wealth of data that I otherwise wouldn’t have.”
- MD, New York, NY

200+ patients enrolled into RPM
“I have found the company to be very easy to work with, and dedicated to the needs of our patients. I have vetted many vendors over the years and this process was the easiest in terms of implementation while having a significant impact on the health of our patients."
- VP of Health Operations, FQHC

25,000+ patients enrolled into RPM
"With Nsight, I can just check patient's blood pressure and weight, when I need to. I think it's very easy to use and I love it. And in case of an audit, it always shows exactly how much time I've spent with a patient."
– Cardiologist, MD, Lehigh Acres, FL

Case Study 1 - Hollister, California

After we got patient consent we were able to enroll just over 450 patients into her RPM program. And her very first month she began profiting over $30K a month. That’s after our fees were paid for.

She’s profiting an additional $360K a year while improving the health of her patients.

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Case Study 1 - Hollister, California

Case Study 2 - Austin, Texas

A much smaller clinic of ours in Texas has only 104 patients enrolled, but still makes over $80K a year in profit.
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