What is Behavioral Health Integration Services?

The medical community now widely considers integrating behavioral health care with physicians (behavioral health integration or BHI) an effective strategy for improving outcomes for millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions. Medicare makes separate payment to physicians and non-physician practitioners for BHI services they supply to patients over a calendar month service period.

BHI is a type of care management for patients with mental health conditions. Working with CPT 99484, providers can partner with Nsight to bill monthly services delivered using the BHI models of care. This includes services like risk assessments and monitoring, care plans for patients whose condition isn’t improving, health coaching and maintaining a continuous relationship with an experienced behavior health team member

Care Team Members

Treating (Billing) Practitioner

A physician or non-physician practitioner (PA, NP, CNS, CNM), typically primary care, may be of another specialty.


The patient is a member of the care team where Nsight provides behavior health integration care services on a monthly basis.

Potential Clinical Staff

The billing practitioner delivers the service in full or uses qualified clinical staff to deliver services using a team-based approach.

Service Components

Provide initial assessment and care management services for patient
Systematic assessment and monitoring using applicable validated clinical rating scales
Track patient follow-up and progress; using tools such as PHQ-9 (depression)/GAD (anxiety)
Provide brief interventions to patients using evidence-based techniques and other treatment strategies
Ongoing collaboration with the primary care and psychiatric consultant
Facilitation and coordination of behavioural health treatment

Eligible Conditions

Medicare classifies eligible conditions as any mental, behavioral health, or psychiatric condition treated by the billing practitioner, including substance use disorders, that, in the clinical judgment of the billing practitioner, calls for BHI services. The patient may have pre-existing conditions, or the billing practitioner may make the diagnosis(es) and refine them over time.

Enhanced Patient
Enhanced Care.

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