Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

We assist healthcare providers in establishing a data-driven RTM program by ensuring the seamless collection and management of therapeutic data. 

Enable providers to deliver enhanced patient care, make timely adjustments to treatment plans, and ensure adherence to prescribed therapies


Ensures daily medication adherence data collection sufficient for monthly billing.


Allows setting up an RTM pilot via the Nsight Provider Portal while completing platform integration.

Easy Device

Simplified ordering process for the correct hardware, either to clinics or patients directly.

Condition Specific Programs

Specialized programs for respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions, including COPD, Chronic MSK Pain, and more.


RTM program can be used from mobile or tablet for ease of use.

Overhead Costs

Encourages active patient participation in their care plan, a key factor in successful treatment outcomes.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

The Benefits of RTM

How This Service Helps Providers

Nsight Health’s RTM program enables providers to efficiently monitor patient responses and adherence to prescribed therapies for respiratory and musculoskeletal conditions, thereby improving patient outcomes and expanding revenue opportunities. The program’s features, such as daily data collection, fast-track pilot setup, condition-specific programs, and easy hardware ordering, streamline RTM implementation and reduce costs.

Enhanced Patient
Enhanced Care.

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